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Download – Update Moviebox Pro v7.3 Latest version Free

Moviebox Pro v7.3 Download – If you haven’t already gone through Moviebox Pro latest update then this article will enlighten you with all the necessary information. This post is also supposed to acknowledge the merits of the MovieBox pro platform for mobile users who are unaware of it. Moviebox pro belongs to the category of free movies apps that are designed to satisfy users that don’t want to pay for movies or TV shows. It is a mobile app supporting both Android and iOS devices and works as a portal to stream or download media for free. 

moviebox pro v7.3

It is regarded as an alternative or replacement for paid movie services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO, and all other similar commercially available apps. This movie store targets users who dislike monthly subscriptions or membership renewals which cost hundreds of dollars. it liberates you from tedious registration processes inherent in such a commercial platform. It is a program free from tough rules and regulations that bind users to a framework with little freedom.

Moviebox pro is a relatively new video streaming application that has been capable of accumulating a huge crowd of users. The platform is generating an authentic user base that continues to grow from all corners of the world. Moviebox Pro is home to over 15000 movies and tv shows categorized under themes of action, adventure, comedy, horror, thriller, drama, music, sports, reality tv, biographical, and all other imaginable variations.

Moviebox Pro Latest Version Download

moviebox pro download

Pro Movie App Features for Free

Here you can find the latest movies, top-rated movies, trending or popular movies, IMDB content, and also content information. Although MovieBox pro is free it doesn’t rot with the same old content everyday as discernible in other free movie apps. it gets regular movie and tv episode updates. It always attempts to deliver the latest movies and shows to keep the users engaged and interested. Moviebox pro resembles other famous Apps like Mediabox, Zinitevi, Jetbox but MovieBox is more popular according to the statistics.

Contrary to being a free version, MovieBox pro doesn’t fall short in the efficiency department. The reason is it facilitates users with high-speed download and playback experience without the need of waiting. Thus, it doesn’t stutter or lag when you are immersed in your favorite movie. Typically free services come with a lot of limitations and they ask you to purchase a plan to enjoy full or partial benefits depending on the type of plan you purchase. In that sense, MovieBox pro demands less from the user and provides him more. It operates just like any professional app with a catchy interface and meticulous external design. 

If compatibility is a virtue of a mobile app then MovieBox pro concurs with it. It is functional on a broad range of android and apple devices. You can run it on your Android smartphone, tablet, or phablet device. If you are an Apple user then it works on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, etc. Further, it can launch on big screens such as Apple TV, or Android TV. If you want to execute MovieBox pro on your Windows or Mac, then you can use an emulator program to mediate the process. Currently, there is no windows version of MovieBox pro.

Best Features of Moviebox Pro v7.3

  • Get access to latest movies/TV shows for free
  • No credit card required.
  • Huge library of movies and tv shows – comprises over 15000 media content.
  • Videos/content are updated daily
  • Super-fast download, no waiting (utilizes global high-speed CDN network)
  • No geographical or regional limitations.
  • Implements H265 latest encoding technology for compact size with higher definition.
  • Multi-lingual subtitle compatibility with speed adjustment and sharing.
  • can make movies and share your movie list
  • works with iOS, Android, Apple TV, smart tv, 
  • Aggressive designed UI – user friendly
  • Free & VIP versions. 
  • No need to jailbreak your Apple device or root your Android device to install Moviebox pro.
  • No Apple ID or Registration requirements.

Safe and Secure

For security reasons MovieBox pro requires you to sign in to MovieBox platform with your Google account, it also asks for an invite code since the platform could be breached by attackers and bots. You can get this invitation code by sending a request email to the MovieBox pro developer team. You may get all the information related to the download and installation of MovieBox from our installation guide. Please click the link below to locate all the necessary information.

Moviebox Pro Latest update Version 7.3

We recommend you use the latest app updates as soon as they are released to get the best experience possible. They will include system updates as well as feature updates to ensure you get the maximum out of the platform. Below we list the changes of the latest version of MovieBox pro v7.3.

  • Resolved the UK server playback fail error
  • Playback engine renewed
  • extended audio formats – improved sounds
  • New Chromecast method- enhanced compatibility.
  • New image-in-image (floating window) function
  • impossibility to use Opensubtitles resolved.
  • Add input code to login TV
  • Bug fixes
  • Fix no-refresh subtitles when playing the next episode.


Moviebox pro is a worthy choice if you are not ready to throw some bucks to watch movies. You get a lot of variety in whatever you choose on the platform. Moviebox pro is a realm that is open to constructive change, as is evident in all refreshing updates. It has been able to evolve with market demand while providing a cost-free solution to mobile movie users. The fact that it is functional across multiple devices makes it more flexible and convenient. You will get more updates with even better performance improvements in the coming months and we hope you will love MovieBox pro to the core.Download Moviebox Pro v7.3 for Android or Apple iOS from links above.

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