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Download Latest Version for iOS 13 and 14 Version for free

Moviebox pro regularly updating its version with new features, therefore it can run with new ios versions without any error. Moviebox pro can download the latest ios 14 versions and ios 13.7, ios 13.6, and other 13 versions. no need jailbreak to install moviebox pro ios 14. Watching movies through mobile is the most convenient and affordable way you can imagine right now. Given the variety of Apps that work on both Android and Apple devices, there is a cut-throat competition raging on.

moviebox pro ios 14

These apps come in two forms; Paid and Free services that you can use to stream movies online or download them. Most users are reluctant to pay for such services for different reasons and they tend to opt for free alternatives. Moviebox Pro is one such popular free movie app alternative that immerses you in a world full of Movies and TV shows.

When you download this app you get access to a large aggregate of movies with different genres. Moviebox does not host movies directly in its server but locates the best servers that contain high-quality videos. Thus, you don’t need to install Netflix, HBO, or any other commercial app to enjoy your favorite movie or TV show, just click the links at the bottom of this post to download the MovieBox Pro app on your Android or iOS device.

Moviebox pro iOS 14 Download Free for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

moviebox pro download ios 14

Moviebox Pro ios 13 and 14 Quantity and Quality

Moviebox Pro ios 13 and 14 conveys its users a diverse range of movie genres which includes Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Drama, Horror, Comedy, Thriller, Biography, History, Documentary, and also TV shows/series as well. All these categories receive the latest updates regularly and you can always find rich content in the platform. To be precise, Moviebox Pro ios 14 allows you to access more than 15000 Movies and TV shows in its huge database. Despite the free status of the app, you can expect high-speed downloads with a minimal waiting time due to its connection with the Global high-Speed CDN network.

Another aspect of movie platforms that you come across in your everyday life is regional limitations and restrictions. Most apps have geopolitical concerns when letting users stream or download video content. It is often difficult to bypass restrictions and watch such content freely. However, if you use the Moviebox Pro ios 14 app you can conveniently access all video content without any limitations. There is no long and hard process to register and verify your account to watch or download media.

Moviebox Pro ios 13.7 and 14  – Interface, Accessibility, and Compatibility

Moviebox Pro adopts superior encoding technology like H265 for compact size with a higher definition, thereby enhancing your interaction with the platform. It is also worth observing the multi-language subtitle support of the platform as it attempts to reach millions of users who are not native English people. If you want to create your movie list you can do so via Moviebox Pro ios 14 and also share it with others. As you can see this app is so flexible and customizable in a way that benefits the requirements of many users.

No matter if you have iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, or Android-based device, you can run Moviebox Pro ios 14 and ios 13.7 on all such platforms. The developers have paid special attention to the interface of the app and it seems that they have simplified interface elements to preserve the clarity of the external design. As a result of this meticulous arrangement, you can navigate, interact, and locate your favorite movie content easily.

The app contains its search engine and you may use the search bar to type in the name of your desired movie or TV show and locate it within seconds. Moviebox Pro incorporates an effective filter to narrow down your searches and find the exact content you want to find. The filter comprises options like sort by, Resolution, Year, genre, country, and region.

How to get Moviebox Pro activation Code Free

Moviebox Pro demands less technical requirements from the users when compared to other movie platforms. If you are an iOS user you don’t need to jailbreak your device even if Moviebox Pro is a non-Apple store app. The same goes for Android as you don’t need to root it to make the platform functional. Most Free movie apps have security issues and the developers of Moviebox Pro have taken precautionary measures to forbid unidentified users from getting access to the system.

Therefore you can’t access the platform as soon as you download and install it. Before anything, you need to sign in to Moviebox Pro with your email account and then request a code from the support team. You can also ask for a moviebox pro activation code free from your friends if they are using the app. You need to send a request email to [email protected]. This approach to securing the platform seems to be effective as it prevents fraudulent entities from penetrating the program. Moviebox Pro also offers a VIP version with some additional benefits. This facility includes No ads, availability of HD, and FHD videos along with high-Speed servers. Just read our Moviebox Pro VIP post to know the full scope of the premium service.

What is in the Movie Box Pro New Update?

new changes are sure to better your user experience with the app.

Version 8.5

Size – 44 MB

Time – 10/9/2020

  1. Supports 2 playback engines(VIC and IJK) at the same time, which can be automatically switched or manually selected
  2. Indicate the error information if you play a video error and report button
  3. Resolved ‘can’t play downloaded video without the internet.
  4. Resolved ‘can’t play some video’
  5. Fixed ‘play failed when go back app after long time.
  6. Cast with Allcast or Castify app
  7. Resolved ‘can’t use Opensubtitles when playback downloaded movie.

Should you go for Movie box Pro ios?

You can decide this after trying other movie apps as well. Moviebox Pro is a famous Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO alternative known by many movie lovers worldwide. The fact that you can experience a superior VIP service if you choose to buy a package for a small fee is something you can’t expect from the commercial services mentioned above. You will notice that MovieBox Pro ios 14 allows a limited amount of advertising for better user experience, and this is a cool feature that most other free apps do not have.

Another thing that matters is the app developers release vital system updates regularly. This keeps the platform functioning at its best. If you want a change from your typical movie viewing experience you can switch to MovieBox pro and give it a try, you can of course use the free version of the platform to get familiar with everything and pay for VIP only if you find it worthwhile. Unlike many other freemium model platforms that coerce users to upgrade to a premium version in an aggressive fashion, Moviebox Pro app respect user choice by being neutral. Give Moviebox Pro a chance and you won’t regret your decision.

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