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Moviebox Pro 2022 latest version download / Update with new features.

moviebox pro 2022

In this day and age, online streaming is largely the preferred mode of Movie and TV Show entertainment. Film buffs may still love the thrill of cinema halls, but visitations to such places are more eventful at present than they were some decades back.

Technology has evolved to stream Cinema content in the comfort of your homes or even on the go. Streaming hardware and software are behind this evolution, synchronizations of which deliver the entertainment we crave for.

The streaming services have diversified so that we can watch Movies and Shows on a range of devices and platforms. These are Mobile devices, PCs, TVs, or even consoles. There are both Paid and Free Streaming services, and in this article, we will update you about the latest version of the Moviebox Pro Free Streaming app.

Moviebox Pro APK 2022 App Specifications

App NameMoviebox Pro
VersionVersion 12.5
File Size84.5 MB
DeveloperMoviebox Pro™
moviebox pro download

Free Streaming App for Your Cinema Entertainment App

You aren’t a diehard fan of Online Movie and TV Show streaming if you have never heard of Moviebox Pro. Moviebox Pro is a free video streaming mobile application originally developed for Android and iOS devices, for those who don’t know.

Before being rebranded to Moviebox Pro, the app was called Moviebox. It has been offering online entertainment for years now, and it has earned a solid reputation among its users. Moviebox Pro allows users to access 25000+ Movies and TV shows completely free.

Yes, you heard it right; you don’t have to pay a dollar. The movies and TV Shows you get here are all premium and A-rated; this is not another deceitful free app offering access to some old or b grade garbage content.

What Does Moviebox Pro Offer?

Moviebox Pro is highly active and full of Movies and TV shows updated regularly. Notwithstanding the free status, Moviebox Pro offers fast-paced servers for downloads and video playback. You can watch it online or download it as per your preference.

You can stream Movies in Standard Definition with the regular version of Moviebox Pro. Free streaming of cinema and TV show content is offered in Standard Definition. You can unlock HD FHD 2K 4K 8K Streaming qualities with Moviebox Pro VIP for a minimal fee.

The cost is meager compared to premium services like Netflix, Amazon, HBO, etc. All users can test the Moviebox Pro experience and upgrade if they feel like it. We provide an extensive list of Moviebox Pro features for your reference.

Features of Moviebox Pro

  • Free of Cost streaming of thousands of Movies and TV Shows
  • Massive Video database of 25000+ Cinema Content
  • Find Your Movie and TV show taste by diving into various categories such as Action-Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Mystery, Horror, Thriller, etc.
  • Daily content updates
  • Super-fast video downloading without waiting (uses Global high-speed CDN Network)
  • No regional discrimination; streaming is available for all countries without exclusions
  • H265 encoding technology for compact size with higher definition
  • Access Multi-lingual subtitles with speed adjustment and sharing
  • You can make your Movie and TV show list and share it with others
  • Compatible with diverse operating systems such as iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Apple TV OS
  • Moviebox Pro is compatible with Android Smartphones, Tablets, Phone-Tablets, iPhones, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple TV, Desktop/Laptop, Roku, Fire TV, etc.
  • User-friendly and attractive interface
  • Moviebox Pro offers Free and VIP version
  • You can install Moviebox Pro on your Android or iDevice without rooting or jailbreaking.
  • Support Personalization inputs from the user

The Dedicated Moviebox Pro PC Client

Moviebox Pro beats other similar apps by the sheer immensity of its features. It is not possible to cover some aspects of the program due to the comprehensiveness. From what we can gather to describe, Moviebox Pro is more than a mobile streaming app; it is the first free Movie app to develop a standalone PC (Windows/Mac) version for streaming.

It enables users to view content on a PC device without the support of an emulator. Yes, Moviebox Pro PC is available to enjoy your favorite Movies and TV shows on PC without using an emulator or browser. Both Moviebox Pro APK and Moviebox Pro iOS can be installed on your respective devices without causing security breaches. The app is safe as long as you download the APK and iOS installers from secure sources.

Moviebox Pro VIP Version – Unleash the App’s Full Potential

Like many free streaming apps, Moviebox Pro doesn’t host movies or TV show content on its servers; instead, it sources streaming links from trusted third-party providers. When you pay for the VIP version, premium streaming servers get unlocked, and you can benefit from their higher speed and smooth playback. The downloading is also the same, and the VIP membership will deliver an unrestricted and unlimited speed for all downloads.

No Invitation Code, No Access

Moviebox Pro is highly secure as it requires an invitation code to get full access. You can’t start streaming by downloading Moviebox Pro for Android or iOS. You need to get this code from a friend or request it from the support through email or message on Moviebox Pro Facebook.

It also requires you to log in with your Google account. These are security measures to prevent bots and fraudulent entities from gaining access. For the best experience, you should update Moviebox Pro as soon as a new version becomes available.

Moviebox Pro New Version Update Features

  • Private Mode Feature is available
  • Super Child Mode is added
  • EXO Player is integrated
  • Happy Cast Problem is solved
  • Cast with other app support is available
  • Resolved crashing issue when casting
  • Fixed Subtitle delay issue

Enticing Design and Gorgeous Interface

You will undoubtedly be impressed by Moviebox Pro’s design and layout when you launch it for the first time. Even though it is free to use, this Movie app is professionally built. You will find it hard to call a free streaming app even if you compare it with mainstream apps like Netflix or Amazon Prime.

You will encounter only a few commercials when you browse and stream on Moviebox Pro; When you upgrade to premium, you will not encounter ads and other limitations.

Go Premium at a Low Cost

Moviebox has three budget pricing plans. If you want Moviebox Pro VIP for one month, you can get it for $3.99, 6 months $2.99, and $1.99 for 12 months. Moviebox Pro 2022 is an alternative to your go-to premium streaming subscription.

You will feel it’s a significant change if you switch from your regular service, or you can keep the paid service and use Moviebox Pro as your Plan B. Try for once, and you will find it deserving your precious time.

Moviebox Pro Frequently Asked Questions

Is Moviebox Pro Free?

A – Moviebox Pro is free to use. There are two plans called regular and VIP. You use the standard version of Moviebox Pro by default. You can upgrade this streaming app to VIP for a small fee, which unlocks premium features such as ad free streaming, higher quality videos, dedicated servers, etc.

Has Moviebox pro been shut down?

A – The app is alive and running. Moviebox Pro is the rebranded version of Moviebox, which was terminated due to legal challenges. The developers hosted a new version immediately, and it has been operating since.

What’s better than Moviebox Pro?

A – We recommend using Amazon Prime, HBO, or Netflix as alternatives to Moviebox Pro. However, these options cost more money and have no free plans.

How do I put MovieBox on my PC?

A – It is possible to launch Moviebox Pro on a PC without using an emulators. The developers have created Moviebox Pro Client for both Windows and Mac computers.

Final Words

Moviebox Pro is a champion of free streaming; this app is feature-rich and comprehensive so that it beats the competition hands down. Fans who know and use Moviebox Pro continue to benefit from all its latest updates.

However, if you want Moviebox Pro Alternative in 2022, we recommend you use apps like Mediabox HD, and Zinitevi for free streaming purposes. These apps may not be very comprehensive like Moviebox, but still, you will get features like HD streaming for free.

The best way to experience Moviebox Pro is to go with the updates regularly, and all its rich facilities will bless you. You can get the latest version of Moviebox Pro May 2022 for Android and iOS from the links below. Keep visiting this website for fresh updates on the Movie app.

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