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How to use Moviebox Pro on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch/Apple TV with TestFlight 2021

Moviebox Pro TestFlight – Moviebox pro is one of the best replacements for paid streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon, or HBO. You can download and install Moviebox Pro for free on your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch device without jailbreaking. Further, you do not need to input Apple ID or be registered to start streaming. This post covers how you can launch Moviebox Pro on your iDevice using the TestFlight app. Please read until the end without skipping. 

What is TestFlight?

If you have ever heard of a process called app testing then TestFlight is related to this procedure. It is an online service for over-the-air installation and evaluation of mobile apps. It is under the authority of Apple Inc. at the moment. TestFlight is exclusively conveyed to developers within the iOS Developer program. 

Developers allow internal or external beta testers to check the functionality of the app and the state of its UI. subsequently, these testers convey their feedback about the app to the developers. This feedback may include remote logs, crash reports, and all other possible tester feedbacks. 

Moviebox Pro TestFlight Installation for iPhone / iPad

To launch Moviebox Pro on your Apple device, you can utilize TestFlight conveniently. This method is pretty straightforward and you don’t need to go through dozens of steps to watch the content you love. You can also try TestFlight with other Movie apps such as Zinitevi.

  1. Download the TestFlight app on your iPhone/iPad/ Apple TV from the Apple AppStore.
  2. Now click here the link to test Moviebox Pro on TestFlight.
  3. Continue to install.
  4. Hit Launch and progress.
  5. Tap Start testingĀ 
  6. Now you can use Moviebox Pro without any issue.

Moviebox Pro TestFlight Installation For Apple TV

  • Download TestFlight App for Both iPhone and Apple TV from the Apple AppStore. (Use the Same Apple ID for both installations)
  • Download Moviebox Pro on your iPhone and select Moviebox Pro VIP family Plan and Buy it, one Year for $35.99 for 5 Devices.
  • Then Install it, It will automatically redirect to the TestFlight app and Installed on to the TestFlight.
  • Then Run TestFlight On Apple TV > Select Apps > here automatically shows movie box Pro app > Install it.
  • Next Open Moviebox Pro > select Account tab on right corner > QR cord will show there.
  • Then open Moviebox pro on your iPhone > select Scan QR code on the top right corner of the App.
  • Then Scan Apple TV QR Code.
  • After completed the Scan, Your Moviebox pro Apple TV plan automatically added to your VIP Family Plan.
  • Now You can watch HD, 4K Movies, and TV Shows On Your Apple TV. Enjoy!

Note for users who have Moviebox Pro Sign-Up issues

Moviebox Pro has enhanced its security measures in response to breaches by various factions. As a result, you need to verify your identity before you can access the app. The first step is to sign in to a Google account via the Moviebox Pro app (Your privacy is secured) and the second step is to request a Moviebox Pro invitation code from the Moviebox Support Team. You can perform the following actions to get full access to Moviebox Pro.

  • Since the support team is handling a large number of requests regularly it may take some time before you receive the code. In case, you do not get any response you can follow our Moviebox Pro Support Group. In the group you can ask for a code from the members, it is fast and efficient. You can also ask for a code from your friends if they are already using Moviebox Pro
  • When you get the code, you can use it to access Moviebox Pro and it is only a one-time requirement.

Final Words

Using Moviebox Pro with the TestFlight app is one of the best Methods to enjoy Movies and TV shows on your iDevice. It takes only a few easy steps to launch and start streaming all your favorite content. The app has diverse compatibility as it integrates with all kinds of platforms. You can also find a separate PC version for both Windows and Mac.

All these releases are free to use and you can upgrade your free membership to VIP to enjoy some exclusive benefits. Moviebox Pro releases are updated regularly and make sure you get them to experience the maximum of this awesome platform. You can stay updated with all new Moviebox Pro content by following our posts. 

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